Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nicholas Anthony 1 Year Old!

aahhh....they grow up so fast! Where has the year gone? He has been such a joy in our family.

Nick got a toddler play house & Phoebe's Cozy Coupe for his birthday, & loves them. He took one bite out of his cake and then just played in it. Life is so great! I can't believe how blessed we are to spend our lives with him.


Sherry said...

Nicholas is so cute and he could be my grandson, Anthony Daniel's twin. Anthony turned one 7/21. Look at my post of Anthony's birthday and see how much alike Nicholas and Anthony look like each other.

Sweet Belated Birthday wishes to Nicholas!!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

He's a beauty...mine is already 18...hug him a bunch it goes fast...Jennifer