Friday, August 29, 2008

Butterfly kisses....for free!

Isn't this the sweetest embroidery pattern? I love this and all of the wonderful things I could put this on. I am working on a block for a quilt for my girlfriend and want to make a pillow similar to this one for Phoebe. You can get this pattern from Joan Gorman on her blog, Nini Makes. If you visit her blog and leave a comment on how you might use this, she will all to happy to email you it for free!


Melinda Cornish said...

I got the most beautiful apron today!!!! Thank you Mickey, I love it! The colors are perfection! Melinda

Saucy said...


Be a sweetie and shoot me an email with your full name and snail mail address (and email too) so I can get you set up for the Zombie Jar Swap.

There will be lots of info and stuff on the swap blog at

Sherry said...

Hi Mickey,
My oldest daughter loves that song! I'm your partner for the Zombie Jar Swap and just wanted to say Hi. I see we both have a lot of kids. I have 8 but mine are spread out from 2-31. Your family looks wonderful!!

Talk to you more later!