Friday, October 31, 2008

Printers, apple pie and shopping.....

Today, David took the day off and spent the day with me and the little kids. After a lovely morning, we stopped and got coffee and headed over to the school. I helped with the school's carnival set up, while David helped the 7/8th grade teacher get her internet back on-line. Then, I went down to Thomas' room (Kindergarten) and helped make two homemade apple pies, while David worked on her printer. The pies were wonderful and the kids did a great job. After we noticed some of the kids eating sugar out of the bag, we decided it was time to go.

We headed out to the city for some shopping and lunch. I love spending the day with David, especially over a nice meal! I also love anytime that we can volunteer at the school together.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today, I finally found my 55-gallon barrels. I bought them from the local livestock feed shop. Why would I need 55 gallon barrels, you say? Why so I can make toxic barrels of awesomness of course! This is my contribution to the schools haunted house this year. I saw a DIY at over the summer and had to try it.

And after 4 cans of paint, 3 cans of foam insulation, orange Halloween lights, a fog machine, warning labels and accent paint, you end of with this!

The kids loved them and they really made the haunted house extra creepy! I hope they last for many years to come.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today, I took all of Phoebe's boots (that were too small) over to her cousin, Caroline. It's fun to get cute shoes and it's a great excuse to buy some new ones. I also dropped off a little bag of Halloween goodies for all the kids that included popcorn balls, a creepy cd of noises, some Halloween stickers and other goodies!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today I cleaned out all the kids pumpkins, so they would be ready to carve after school. David says this is the fun part, but my shoulders are sore from scraping the inside of the pumpkins. I also cooked up all the seeds for a tasty snack! (that took forever)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 2

Today we dropped off small bags of Halloween candy for each of the teachers at the school. We attached a small note wishing the staff a Happy Halloween and let them know we were thinking of them. I think it's nice to get small surprises in your box from time to time!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Give away Day 1....

Hannah & Isabel helped me today to put together a "Halloween" basket for some friends of ours. They have 8 kids(2 are foster) and are expecting a sweet baby girl soon. Anyway, they have had a stomach bug in their house this week and I thought this would be perfect for cheering up the kids.

We included a glow in the dark skeleton, some popcorn, chocolate eyeball candy, gummy body parts, some Halloween kid cups, chocolate for mom, a pumpkin tablecloth and a Spongebob Halloween video with 6 scary episodes on it! We filled it with silver tinsel filler and put it all in a big halloween popcorn bowl!

We are off to a great start!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

29-Day Giving Challenge Begins....

Give a little each day

Make a big Impact.

Give one thing away each day for 29 days. Share your stories about how it impacts your life to focus on giving. Join the 29-Day Giving Challenge community today.

  • Your 29 gifts can be anything... money, food, old sweaters, smiles, your time, kind words or thoughts.
  • You can start your own personal 29-Day Giving Challenge at any time—there’s no official begin or end date.
  • To complete the Challenge, share a story about the impact it made on your life to focus on giving for 29 days. Your story can be told with written word, short film, recorded spoken word, song or visual art.
  • The Challenge is intended to be a sacred ritual—it is your opportunity to cultivate a mindful practice of stepping outside your own story for a few seconds each day by serving others.
  • Don’t quit. If you have a day that you feel unmotivated to give, it’s ok. Just go for the simple give. Call a friend and give some kind words. Write someone a nice note. Or exchange smiles with a stranger. Every give doesn't need to be monumental. You might even notice that the “simple gives” feel more powerful than the grand gestures.
  • If you forget your give one day, be gentle with yourself. This ritual is about progress, not perfection. Sit down and quietly reflect on your day. Review the entire day mindfully and find the times you unconsciously gave so you can bring it into your consciousness.
  • Don’t forget that there is never a day that you don't give. There are only days that you don't acknowledge and remember you did.
  • Enjoy your 29 days. And remember to stay open to receiving. Giving can't happen without the receptors of our gifts. Good giving to you today.

Zombie Jar Swap ....

Well, today was the big reveal for the Zombie Jar swap and mine just went out. I don't have any photos of the entire jar, but do have some teaser shots.

Check out some of the others over at Sasha & Libby's blog. They are all so awesome!

These feet are almost made for walkin.....

This boy would be walking if he didn't have so many siblings to carry him around all the time. He is getting more adventurous and loves to be outside! We've had a pretty nice fall, so he has really enjoyed it and tries to escape out the front door every chance he gets!